The story of our company, and the story of our family, began with a shared cup of coffee, and a pinch of crushed cardamon.

It is a story, and it is a coffee, full of the flavor of the Land of Lakes and Volcanos...

...With a hint of not knowing what comes next.

The rest is best told over a cup of Cardamon’s.

Hand-picked, sun-dried, and roasted at origin in Nicaragua

Microlot Coffee

Hand Picked from Small farms in Northern Nicaragua

Carefully Selected

Roasted at Origin

Sent directly to your home

Our Farmers

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Meet our taster

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We know from experience

This coffee, this land and its people, speak well for themselves

You have only to become acquainted



Pure and naturally produced authentic coffee

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The best coffee created by the best people. It's time that we started knowing the farmers who make what we rely on, and this company is doing just that!

Donna, New York City

Incredible good coffee that I highly recommend to all

Ben, Atlanta, GA

Awesome rich warming coffee more direct to the farmer than almost any I've experienced. Buy some. Share some. Drink some.

Pamela, Canandaigua (city), New York